Jermaine’s coaching engagements focus on leveraging his client’s strengths while identifying roadblocks that may be impeding optimal performance. The goal for every client is to unlock their potential. 


We have helped leaders:

  • Increase emotional intelligence

  • Strengthen impact and influence

  • Improve self-awareness

  • Enhance their cultural competency

  • Develop critical leadership skills

  • Locate blind-spots and address them

  • Build high performing teams

  • Increase crucial conversation competency

  • Learn to leverage strengths

  • Sort through confusion with unbiased counsel

We have helped teams:

  • Successfully transition to new leadership

  • Identify self-sabotaging behaviors

  • Create safety where healthy conflict is encouraged

  • Resolve and defuse unhealthy conflict and behaviors

  • Prioritize and enhance the execution of objectives

  • Communicate honestly and effectively

  • Increase their cultural competency

  • Relate with emotional intelligence and empathy

Jermaine has developed coaching courses that equip leaders to have a powerful, positive impact on their team’s performance, engagement, and development through coaching. Courses include “Coaching for Peak Performance” and “Multicultural Coaching”. He coaches managers, directors, senior leadership, and chief executives. 

  • ProScan Assessment Certified - Professional Dynametrics Program (PDP)

  • Gallup Strengths Administrator

  • Crucial Conversations Certified Trainer

By facilitating the process of discovery, awareness, and choice, I help my clients improve performance, attain goals, and achieve results.

Jermaine Moore is a great coach/educator/problem-solver. I have worked with Jermaine in his capacity as an in-house consultative resource at a Med Tech company. Jermaine’s contribution to both me personally and my department came in the form of consultation, resulting in specific plans for personal coaching, training, and organization. He is an extremely well prepared, skillful, and knowledgeable coach and teacher. His style has tended to be very guidance-oriented, while taking advantage of ‘trainable moments’. In addition to his efficacy in providing coaching, education, and guidance on business and interpersonal skills, he is an engaging partner with whom I could have discussions to gain new perspectives on issues. 

George Dungan, VP Science & Innovation