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Through targeted development, we'll partner with you to increase employee engagement and retention, improve effectiveness, realize your organization's vision and achieve results. As a conduit to peak performance, The Mars Hill Group offers best in class learning opportunities, team development, and professional coaching to help you “learn more be better”.



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"Jermaine has provided skillful analysis and guidance for me, helping me understand and address professional growth in my group, through expert coaching and training."

—  George, VP Science & Innovation


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Jermaine Moore has over twenty years experience building and developing highly engaged, high-performing teams within medical technology and biotech companies.
Focusing on building skills and culture, Jermaine introduces and reinforces behaviors that drive business results and team performance. Jermaine partners with organizational leaders to assure prioritization of the most crucial projects and ensure teams are equipped to achieve the business-critical objectives. The results lead to a rapid and lasting return on company investment. 

Jermaine’s areas of expertise include culture development, leadership development and coaching, communication training, 

change management, diversity, and workforce planning.

Jermaine also serves as the Diversity Director for the Human Resources State Council of NH.

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