Jermaine has spent the last twenty years building and developing highly engaged, high-performing teams.
Using a value-driven approach, he helps define culture, while introducing and reinforcing skills and behaviors that drive business results and team performance.

Jermaine partners with organizational leaders to prioritize critical objectives and ensure teams are equipped to achieve these goals. The results lead to a rapid and lasting return on investment. 

Jermaine’s areas of expertise include diversity, culture, leadership, and team 

development and coaching. 


He is also a sought after speaker, facilitator and trainer, specializing in communication, diversity and inclusion, change management, and workforce planning.

Jermaine also serves as the Diversity Director for the Human Resources State Council of NH and on the board of the Diversity Workforce Coalition.

some of our clients:

I worked with Jermaine throughout my career at Vapotherm starting with Executive Assistant, where we served on the same team, to my current role as Account Manager of the Philadelphia Market. Over the last 4 years Jermaine has helped me grow both personally and professionally by coaching me through difficult conversations, teaching me how to negotiate, and the artful skill of listening. He has been and continues to be an invaluable teammate for me and Vapotherm.

Lindsey Sawin, Executive Account Manager


Why "The Mars Hill Group"?

In 2018 I had the opportunity to lead a team development session in Athens. My wife accompanied me on this trip and we extended our stay to explore Greece. It was incredible.

One of the highlights of the trip, outside of working with an amazing international team, was visiting the ancient ruins. One place of particular interest to me was the Areopogas, otherwise known as "Mars Hill".

Mars Hill has a significant history, it is where the King's advisors met, where great minds gathered to discourse and exchange ideas, and it is where the Apostle Paul met and reasoned with Greeks on his missionary journey (Acts 17). Geographically, it is an enormous rock outcropping adjacent to the Parthenon that overlooks the city of Athens.

Walking on Mars Hill is an experience I will never forget. Less than a year later when I was contemplating names for our consulting firm, Mars Hill seemed like a natural fit. I would like to bring the spirit of dialogue that took place on Mars Hill to the work I do. 



A founding partner of The Mars Hill Group, Erin serves as a business strategist, thought partner and provides social media and administrative support.


Erin has over twenty years of Human Resources experience. Prior to joining The Mars Hill group, Erin worked in Human Resources generalist and leadership roles at several  organizations, including a Fortune 50 Company, where she was a two time recipient of their Chairman's Award.

In addition to her work in HR, Erin is an award-winning photographer who founded and runs a successful multi-photographer portrait studio in Southern Maine. She also served on the board for Seacoast Christian School, and is an advocate for marginalized populations.

Erin has a MS in Human Resources Management, where she graduated with highest honors from Troy University. She holds a BS in HR Administration, and was certified as an SPHR by the Society for Human Resources Management in 2006. She is also a member of the Seacoast NAACP.